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Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP systems cover all business processes, with the related data put into a standardized, easy to use, modular system. The modules handle individually the specific processes of each organizational unit. Corporate controlling is realized by linking all this data.


Customer Relationship Management. Corporate level business strategy. All the internal, organized, automated and synchronized business workflow that controls customer relationship, with a customer oriented approach.

Document management

A module that stores, sorts out and handles all documents created in the business work processes – including those issued by the company – in a central location. An integral part of ERP softwares.


Distant, or off-premise application service, including server room storage, ventilation, protection and non-stop internet access and power supply of data storage and network devices operated by the service provider.


A project is a temporary enterprise, planned to create a unique product or service. It is a series of activities using optional resources (time, money, workforce, material, energy, location etc.) in order to achieve the pre-defined objectives.

Project management

Project management is all the related activities connected to a given project regarding resource planning and controlling. Its main goal is to help fulfil the project objectives within a given time and cost frame, by using all the resources efficiently.

Back office

It involves administrative and systematic tasks that promote the realization of the business activity by facilitating its administration.


All assets, devices, human and machine work or activities that are used during the implementation of the project.


Workflow that examines business processes from the aspects of realization, success, follow-up processing and analysis. There exists a so-called process controlling as well that analyzes not yet completed business activities from numerical aspect.

Post calculation

Post calculation is a technical and economic activity where the enterprise defines the total production cost (direct and indirect) related to its activity. It is mainly defined with the help of cost bearers and places of cost.

M.I.S. (Management Information System)

Mostly software-based system that provides decision-makers with authentic information on company performance and productivity in the form of single or recurrent summaries, reports and statements. It is an aggregate system covering all business processes used for strategic planning, support of decision making and problem solving.

HR (Human Resources)

A collection of corporate tasks and department(s) that deal with the human resource staff of businesses including payroll, recruitment and quit, as well as related administration and, in many cases, training.


A supporting function that records customer inquiries, requests, demands and any problems related to the products through call centres.

Cloud computing

The most exciting area of the IT industry today. Basically it means working with files and programs that are not physically present on our computer but on the world wide web, somewhere ’in the cloud’. When using an online archiving service – e.g. Google’s online word processor or Yahoo’s mailing system – we are already working with data that are not physically present on our computer but on distant servers.