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Financial sector

Our integrated cloud-based enterprise management system offers a comprehensive and safe solution for the management of all the company processes and back-office activities of companies operating in the financial services sector, insurance companies and fund managers.

Client records

You can manage all your client data in one place, and group and analyse the information on them according to any criterion, prepare statements and forecasts to produce a precise and transparent client history. 

Statements and reports

Single businesses and holding companies or company groups can prepare up-to-date, accurate and consolidated reports, and individual statements. Both can be used to analyse the aggregate turnover of all their affiliated companies projected to client, cost bearer and general ledger number.

Management of contracts

Keeping records of the company’s customer, supplier, credit and wage contracts. Recording the contents of contracts and assigning predefined services to them. Creating invoices based on contracts and monitoring performance of contracts.

Our software recommended for the financial sector

Our integrated, cloud-based company enterprise system recommended for the financial sector is a solution complying with international standards. It has a menu and statement system in several languages enabling multi-level currency management and it also fully satisfies foreign reporting obligations (IFRS, US GAAP). Due to the fast and safe remote access our system provides online connection to the central database for foreign owners and the staff of international offices and sites, wherever they may be in the world. Our system communicates in a well-established way with various special stock exchange broker and insurance software packages.

Our solutions

Our software provides support in the following areas

CRM – customer oriented processes

MIS – risk and profit management

Invoice and contract tracking

Improvement of decision making and planning

Reports and statements

Multi-language menu and statement system

Capable of handling several currencies parallel

Complies with foreign reporting obligations (IFRS, US GAAP)

Task management

Controlling and Postcalculation

Complex authority management


Document management (filing, scanning, electronic approval)

e-Account - electronic account, with digital signature

Accounting modules (General Ledger, Finance, Fixed Assets, Invoicing)

Benefits of using our software

Omissible complicated excel sheets

Automated company activities

Transparent business processes

Easier management

Well-founded managerial decisions

Decreasing operative tasks

More time for acquiring business

Increasing customer satisfaction

Cloud-based solutions

All of our software is cloud based without any exception. They can be used anywhere, at any time on any device without any limitations. You have unlimited access to your recorded documents without waiting.

Clear, streamlined functions

With its well-designed user interface and well-conceived functions the software is very easy and quick to use and it significantly reduces the time needed for everyday tasks.

Customer relationship management

You can manage all your customer data in one place, group and analyse the information on them according to any criterion, prepare statements and forecasts to achieve a precise and transparent customer history.

Paper-free office

By the archiving, storing and structured arrangement of the documents according to different criteria their retrieval becomes significantly easier. Our electronic certification system replaces the approval of paper-based certificates, so also the “wandering” of invoices within the company.

Full-scale solution

In addition to project management, our enterprise management systems comprehensively cover all the areas of enterprise management and they integrate the operation of the company’s internal departments and back office activity.

Product support

In order to facilitate the seamless use of our software we provide daily Hotline service by phone and email to our customers. Our expert team immediately answers the questions and replies to the and development needs with respect to the use of the software.

ENIAC software modules

Our financial sector software related modules

Steps of installation

From mapping out the operation process to the use of the software

1Mapping out the needs

We map out the operation processes of the company, the reporting needs of the company management, collect the data that are required for implementation and we examine where these basic data are available or where they can be produced.

2Creation of a Standard Operating Procedure

Tailored to the specific company’s business processes, a flowchart is produced and we model the company’s operation processes, outline how the data will flow from recording to statement, how the approval and control processes are performed and how the authorizations are allocated accordingly. We define who and how is related to the process and what their exact job specific task is in the software.

3Preparation of an introduction schedule

We plan what resources are required for the implementation, who needs to participate, and at which phase of the introduction.


This will be followed by the theoretical and practical training for the system developed on the basis of the information obtained during the survey. During the training we pass on all the necessary information related to the operation and use of the software ranging from the general logical structure to the detailed field level practical, hands-on training.

5Test Period

Independent practising by the users, while in parallel we hold continuous consultations, discussions of questions that arise and develop solutions for individual events.

6ENIAC support

After the system goes live we follow the daily work of the company more intensely for 3-8 months, then after this period we also provide support for our customers, during which we deal with any questions, comments and needs related to the software.

Interested in our solution?

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