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enVoicer - Billing simplified

With the invoicing software of ENIAC AB4 Invoice you can quickly perform all the tasks related to invoicing and at the same time you can place your invoicing administration on a professional basis. Due to it's streamlined design, the software is easy to understand and use.

Data supply for NAV (Hungarian Tax Authorities)

enVoicer continuously keeps track of new legislation and legislative changes, so you need not bother about searching for them. The program perfectly complies with the online invoicing data supply requirements of NAV, the Hungarian Tax Authorities, coming into effect on 1 July 2018. You can also test the program before it is going live. 

Be professional

The simple use and streamlined design hide a truly professional invoicing program built on real needs, which can be well integrated into the activities of small businesses. Your clients are as important for us as they are for You, therefore the services expressly developed for them also facilitate forwarding and receiving invoices.

Spare your time

The invoicing software of ENIAC has been supplied with several convenient functions that help you to do the invoicing really quickly. You can make out a new invoice just by one click and the data are transferred from previously issued invoices. By importing your performance certificates even a huge quantity of group invoices would not be an obstacle for you.

Invoice software solutions

Our product provide a complex solution in the following fields

Simple, fast and accurate invoice creation with a company logo

Paper-based or electronic invoices

Possibilities to produce trial, down payment, final and cancellation invoices

Customer and contact registration 

Compliance with invoicing data supply requirements of NAV (Hungarian Tax Authorities)

Any payment modes

Digital invoice archiving

List of open (unarranged) / closed (arranged) invoices

Software with a monthly fee - no obligation

Invoice category (invoice blocks) management, possibility for individual numbering

Cloud-based network operation, it can be reached from anywhere, at any time

International invoicing (in foreign languages and foreign currencies) (optional)

Creation of balance statement notices and reminders to pay (email) (optional)

Data export for accounting programs (optional)

Partner page – convenience functions for your clients (optional)

Integrated solution for professionals!

Due to the highly integrated state of enVoicer, the data of issued invoices are automatically transferred to the accounting programs and enterprise management systems of ENIAC. Hence, after an invoice has been issued, the data will immediately reach the accountant or other departments of the company.
If you are not continuing your work in ENIAC software, you can simply transfer data to other software and digital services via our well-built data link with maximum security. 

How much is it?

3.000 FT/MONTH

After receiving your order we will send the icon needed to access the software, to the email address you indicate, within two workdays together with the invoice of the first monthly fee and the documentation including the steps you require for the first start up.

Think of your clients

We can provide a separate Partner Page interface for your clients to access their invoices, download them and keep track of them. Your clients can gain access to all the invoices, made out for them, anywhere, at any time from the moment of their issue. So you can be certain that the invoices will be sent. The communication interfaces of eniacHUB offer a convenient opportunity to keep contact with your clients.

Without restrictions

The aim of enVoicer is to carry out invoicing without any restrictions, which means with ENIAC that you can complete your tasks related to invoicing anywhere, at any time, from any device without any restrictions. Thanks to the user-friendly interfaces of the software you can manage your clients in one place, you can invoice in Hungarian forints and foreign currencies, and you can always retrieve your invoices previously issued and make out new invoices by copying the data of your previous invoices.

You are developing together with your company

The greatest advantage of enVoicer is that it keeps pace with the growth of your company. When necessary, you can opt for ENIAC Starter online business software, with which, in addition to the known functions, you can manage supplier invoices, contracts and projects, amongst other things. The invoice documents issued previously with the help of enVoicer are not lost, they automatically get migrated and will appear in the new extended system.

Security comes first

Being an IT company we pay special attention to security and safety. Our servers are stored in strictly guarded server parks and the highest level security is ensured by regular backups. Our software fully complies with the data protection requirements of GDPR.

Without installation

Due to our online, cloud-based solution, you only need a device of your choice and an internet access. After registering for the business platform you can start working right away, and you can do it any time.

Faster with automations

The automatic invoicing after performance certification, and the immediate forwarding of the issued invoices to clients, are all optional automations of the enVoicer invoicing program. These specific features are highly valued by our Clients in our hectic world.

Streamlined design, simple invoicing

Try our product!

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