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OMF - Operation, Management and Finance software

Our Operation, Management and Finance software leverages business processes and reduces bottlenecks to get business moving: it manages backoffice tasks from handling scanned documents to follow-up of offers, contracts, performances, controlling and complete finance and accounting functions.

Complete business management

A modern, up-to-date business management solution facilitates the daily running of the business. with its help, routine administrative tasks can be completed in a much faster and easier way. Management can therefore dedicate precious time to considering strategic issues and seeking new business opportunities.


Our integrated business management solution, ENIAC OMF supports corporate operational processes effectively from document management through CRM and marketing functions to accounting and controlling. Working from the master data of the filed documents, various back-office tasks can automatically be generated.

Daily tasks

The software assigns the daily tasks (accounting, money transfer, payroll, telephone calls, project work etc.) by authority and sends a reminder to the person responsible, and also implements the job by clicking on the same panel. The application’s dynamic framework and single window data entry ensures clear and easy application for users.


Select the version that fits your company's needs



ENIAC OMF Ezy is a light and modern management information system which is optimally integrating the operation of the various departments and organisational units of small and medium sized businesses.

  • Handles up to 100 000 documents


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ENIAC OMF Custom is an efficient industry-specific enterprise management system. The key to a company’s success is not only a good financial result. The owners need a guarantee that their investment is working efficiently.

  • unlimited number of documents

ENIAC OMF Enterprise

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ENIAC OMF Enterprise is a komplex business management solution, customized to large corporation's operation requirements.

  • unlimited number of documents

Due to its flexibility, the menu and statement structure of ENIAC OMF can be set as required. The software is able to customize the user interface with the authorisation management, providing individual settings for users.

Az OMF - Operation Management & Finance is able to customize the user interface with the authorisation management, providing individual settings for users.

The application is based on current user interfaces applied by Microsoft, so it is simple and easy to get used to it.

The software is applicable to any international economic system such as the European Union or the United States and can be adapted to diverse rules and regulations without any difficulties, creating up-to-date IFRS and US GAAP reports as well.

The benefits of using our software

Omissible complicated excel sheets

Automated company activities

Transparent business processes

Easier management

Well-founded managerial decisions

Decreasing operative tasks

More time for acquiring business

Increasing customer satisfaction